Tartan Design Centre

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Errors and Omissions

Each new Tartan home is a handcrafted product. From time to time during a process that takes several months and involves dozens of people, an error or omission may occur.

If you believe there has been such an error, we welcome your input. However, to avoid duplication of efforts or compounding errors, we ask that you first check your purchase documents to review what you ordered and the specifications for construction of your home.

If you still believe we are in error, you can do one of two things:

  1. Contact your Sales Representative, in writing, and outline your concern. Once you have done this, please keep the following points in mind:
    • Your concern may involve a detail Tartan Homes has already noticed. Either way, we appreciate you pointing it out.
    • Correction may not occur immediately. Trades and suppliers often impose trip charges for extra visits to the site, so for efficiency we may schedule the correction for the next routine visit. Also, a particular trade may be unavailable on short notice.
    • Work may simply be incomplete; an early stage can look wrong to you but be exactly right when finished.
  2. Bring up your concerns at your Pre-Delivery Inspection.