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How your Home Looks

Variations Between Homes

The plans and specifications for your home (approved by the City of Ottawa building department) are part of our agreements with trade contractors and suppliers. Only written instructions from Tartan Homes can change these contracts.

Still, no two Tartan homes will be exactly alike. Many factors can cause variations between the model home you viewed and the home we deliver to you, or your home and your immediate neighbour’s.

Individual Foundation Designs

Variation between homes can appear in the foundation system. The foundation design is specific to each lot. Based on the results of a soil test, an engineer determines which foundation system to use. Because of variations in soil conditions between lots, your foundation may differ from your neighbours’ foundation or that of the same Tartan home in another neighbourhood.

Shape, Topography & Conditions of your Site

Because each home site is shaped differently, the position of your home on the site may be different from others in the same community. At closing, you will receive a copy of your plot plan – a drawing that shows the home’s position on your site.

The exterior elevation of your home is affected by the topography (surface contours) of your site. For instance, slope on the site may affect the number of steps required and the configuration of the driveway, walks and rails. Slope will also affect exterior finish, and retaining walls are sometimes needed for extreme conditions.

Tartan Homes identifies existing trees on your site that must be removed to create room for your home. Our construction practices include steps intended to preserve other trees in a healthy condition. However, because the reaction of trees to construction activities and your new home are outside our control, we cannot guarantee the health or survival of existing trees.

Natural Human Variation

Dozens of trade contractors will be assembling your home. It is rare that the same individuals work on every home and, even if they did, no two homes would be identical. The exact placement of switches, outlets, registers and so on will vary slightly from the model home, and from other homes of the same floor plan.