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Private Home Inspectors

Some homebuyers have little knowledge of construction, and have no one in their immediate circle who can advise them. Sometimes they elect to use the services of private home inspectors to help them thoroughly review their new home and to advise them on its quality. Along with most other new home builders, Tartan Homes has policies regarding private home inspectors:

  • Private home inspectors are not entitled to access the home at any time during the construction process.
  • Private home inspectors are entitled to attend the Pre-Delivery Inspection, but they must follow the inspection process as directed by the Tartan Homes representative and limit themselves to helping their client with any questions or concerns. The Pre-Delivery Inspection is not the time for a private home inspector to conduct his or her own thorough inspection.
  • The best time to use a private home inspector is after moving in and before the submission of Tarion’s 30-day deficiency list (see Section 9, page 51). The homeowner can use the private home inspector’s report to help them fill out the 30-day list. Neither Tartan Homes nor Tarion will accept a private inspector’s report as a 30-day deficiency list.
  • If correspondence is received from a private inspector, Tartan Homes will review the contents and undertake appropriate measures as required. Tartan Homes will not engage in written correspondence with a private home inspector.