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Sequence and Schedules

Weather Delays

The closing date for your new home often begins as an estimate. Until the roof is on and the structure is enclosed, weather can dramatically affect the delivery date. Even after the home itself is past the potential for weather-related delays, weather can delay installation of utility services, final grading, and concrete flatwork, to mention a few examples. Extended periods of wet weather, freezing temperatures or extreme heat bring work to a stop in the entire region. When favourable conditions return, the tradespeople go back to work, picking up where they left off. Please understand that they are as eager as you are to get caught up and to see progress on your home.

Firm Closing Date

Tartan Homes recognizes that timing is critical to planning your move. Nonetheless, we can provide a firm closing date only once the kitchen is installed. You are always welcome to check with us for an update on your closing date.

We suggest that until you receive this commitment, you avoid finalizing arrangements for your move. Until then, flexibility is the key. We want you to enjoy this process, not suffer stress caused by uncertainty that cannot be avoided.

Please keep in mind that your belongings cannot be brought into the home until after closing.

“Nothing’s Happening”

You should expect there to be days during construction of your home when it appears that no work is being done. There are a number of reasons for this. For one, each trade is scheduled days or weeks in advance of the actual work, and a block of time is allotted for its completion. Sometimes, one trade finishes up a bit ahead of schedule. The next trade already has a scheduled time slot to work on your home, which usually cannot be changed on short notice.

Progress also pauses while the home awaits building department inspections. This is also part of the normal sequence of the construction schedule and occurs at several points for every home.

Finally, bear in mind that some types of progress are more visible than others. Work will appear to progress rapidly during highly visible stages, such as installing large expanses of walls; and more slowly at others, such as detail work in back framing and finishing.