Tartan Design Centre

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Who Works on your Home

Single Source Company

When Tartan builds a home for you, we manage all aspects of the design and construction. We choose the companies, professionals and trades who will contribute to your home. We order all materials and products from suppliers with whom we have established relationships. We regret that we cannot accommodate sweat equity arrangements as a part of our purchase agreement.

Trade Contractors

Your home is built through the combined efforts of specialists in many trades—from excavation and foundations; through framing, mechanicals and insulation; to drywall, trim and finish work. In order to ensure Tartan Homes’ standard of construction, only authorized suppliers and trade contractors and Tartan Homes employees are permitted to perform work in your home.

Please bring any questions or requests for changes directly to Tartan Homes. You should not attempt to deal with trade contractors during your construction-hosted sited visit, or at any other time at the site. Each trade contractor works on a limited portion of the home – they may not be aware of all the details and they are not in a position to offer judgments. For your protection and theirs, the terms of our trade contractor agreements prohibit alterations without written authorization from Tartan Homes. Their failure to comply with this procedure can result in termination of their contract.