Tartan Design Centre

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After the Inspection

Resolving items on your inspection form

Tartan Homes takes responsibility for resolving any issues noted on your Pre-Delivery Inspection form. We will attempt to complete most items before you move in. However, some work may need to be performed after you move in. Service hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Under normal circumstances, you can expect us to resolve all items within 30 to 60 working days. We will inform you of any delays caused by back-ordered materials.

Repairing inspection items is obviously more difficult for all concerned once you have moved in. Tartan Homes asks that you arrange these appointments so that an adult is present. Your cooperation is essential.

Please note that we will correct only those items listed on the Pre-Delivery Inspection form. Verbal agreements made during the course of your inspection will not be honoured by Tartan Homes.

Cosmetic damage after the fact

During your inspection, your inspector will check that all surfaces are in good condition. If any cosmetic damage was caused during construction, these details will be listed on the inspection form. Similar damage, however, can subsequently occur while you are moving in or through your daily activities. Once Tartan Homes has corrected any details noted during the inspection, repair of cosmetic damage is your responsibility. Further details appear on the inspection form.

Our limited warranty specifically excludes repairs for damage caused by moving in or living in the home. Contact your moving company about any damage caused by them. Tartan Homes is always available to help with information about cosmetic repairs you may need to make.