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More About Upgrades

This site can assist you with the choices you must make to complete your home.  It is designed to help you with this process and your  visits to the Design Centre.  It can be a great companion to help you make some of your selections and upgrade choices on your own time.  The choices you make on this site are not final and will be reviewed by your Design Centre Coordinator but selecting as many of the options your wish to choose will be very helpful for your future appointments.


Here is some information about each main category.  You may find more information on each options detail page by clicking on the MORE INFO or PRODUCT LINK blue buttons at the bottom left of your screen on each options page.  For any additional information please see your Design Centre Consultant.  It is important to note the timing of upgrade selections.  There are 2 categories of upgrade timing.  These are known as Pre-Construction (Precon) and Interior Finish Selections (also know as Colours). Some items that affect the structure of the home, therefore the building permit or items that take long to order, need to be selected earlier.


These upgrades include optional kitchen layout (if applicable) or other optional layouts.  Not all upgrades are available with Early Occupancy homes.


All Tartan homes include a stainless steel hoodfan and you may choose from various upgrade hoodfans and microwave options. Not all upgrades are available with Early Occupancy homes.


Depending on the home you purchased you can finish your basement bathroom or simply add a bathroom rough-in, a wet bar, some electrical outlets or additional lights, a TV conduit to hide your cords, etc. Not all upgrades are available with Early Occupancy homes.


Our cabinets are supplied by Ottawa Valley Kitchens (OVK).  OVK categorizes their cabinets into lines.  There are two types of cabinets:  solid wood and doors made of MDF then painted or covered in PVC.  Depending on the home  you purchased you can choose Line 1 and/or Line 2 PVC or wood cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms.  If your home comes with a finished laundry room, it includes upper cabinets made of MDF with white PVC with a flat panel door.

Wood cabinets in Line 1 or Line 2 come in Oak or Birch.  All other woods are upgrades.  You can upgrade to Line 3 or 4 cabinets in your home but there are some woods that require an RFP (Request for Pricing).  You will not see a price for RFP cabinets online since the pricing will have to be provided by your Design Centre Coordinator.

You may first want to determine what kind of look you want in your home and that may determine what kind of door material you want – wood, white or coloured.  Then you will want to choose a door style. You may choose different looks for different rooms in your home.  Our Tartan Homes main website’s gallery is an excellent source for inspiration: PHOTO GALLERY or from our MODEL HOMES page.

You may also add a lower cabinet with or without a sink in your laundry room if space allows.


Cabinet hardware needs to be chosen for every cabinet area in your home except the laundry room (unless you upgrade your cabinets).  There are several areas to choose:  kitchen cabinets, kitchen drawers, ensuite bathroom cabinets, other bathrooms and  laundry room (if upgraded).  There are four different levels of cabinet hardware.  Line 1 and 2 are included for all homes except townhomes where only Line 1 is standard.  You may choose to upgrade to Line 3 (also known as Line A) or Line 4 (also known as Line B).

You can also choose to upgrade to horizontal handles on cabinets but you do not have to upgrade to horizontal handles on drawers if you wish to choose that type of handle.  The horizontal handle upgrade is used to upgrade hardware on cabinets not drawers.


You can add extra shelving in your closets.


You will have to select countertops in three areas of your new home.  The kitchen, bathrooms & laundry room (if applicable).  In most areas laminate is included but there are several lines with different price points.  In the kitchen, the countertop that is included in your home depends on the home you purchased.  If granite is included in your kitchen you can select from the Granite A Pack line.  There are two other granite lines, the B Pack and the C Pack.  You may also upgrade to Quartz.  There are two lines of Quartz.  The Quartz – B Pack is less expensive than the second Quartz line which is called Quartz – C Pack.

Stone countertops come with a choice of 4 standard edge profiles: square, halfmoon, full bullnose, and double bullnose.


There are several different styles and colours you can choose from inside your home or out.


You can choose to upgrade your interior or exterior doors or add some privacy glass to a door or window. Early occupancy homes do not choose exterior or interior doors.


There are many options in these categories you can choose from.  These include adding plugs, capped outlets, wiring, dimmers, central vacuum systems or extra outlets and piping, etc. Not all upgrades are available with Early Occupancy homes.


Detached homes can upgrade the exterior of their homes with upgraded brick or stone.


There are several items to upgrade in the fireplace category including adding stone, upgrading the tile or mantle.


  • Hardwood – There are several categories of hardwood.  Category A is the standard which is a 3-1/8″ red oak engineered hardwood.  You may choose from 3 standard stains.  There are many other choices you may upgrade to.  You can choose to upgrade to a different stain which brings you to the B line.  There are also several different widths, woods and stains to choose from. The higher the letter, the higher the cost.  For example: A line is included, B is higher and C is higher than B and so on.
  • Optional laminate hardwood is a type of engineered hardwood used in the basement only.
  • Carpet – There are four categories of carpet.  The first category is the included carpet which is a 40-oz nylon carpet.  The other three categories are grouped by colour.  The increase in cost from Green to Yellow to Blue.
  • Underpad – The stardard underpad is 12 mm.  You may choose to upgrade to a denser, compressed underpad or a stain resistant underpad.


In this section, you will find many of the standard heating & cooling related systems in your home plus upgrade option like gas piping,  BBQ rough-in, etc. Not all upgrades are available with Early Occupancy homes.


You may see upgrades that include under cabinet lighting, pot lights, additional lighting & occupancy switches. Not all upgrades are available with Early Occupancy homes.


There are four standard paint colours.  There are also several other paint colours that you may upgrade to.  You may choose one colour for your entire home or upgrade to choose an additional colour per room or floor.  However, choosing more than two colours may result in a closing date delay.


This category includes faucets, sinks, bathtubs, toilet, shower upgrades & accessories in the kitchen and bathrooms.  You can choose the included selection for each category or upgrade to a different option. Other options like adding a lower cabinet are located in the CABINETS section.


Choice of one selection of post and spindle in Oak. The standard spindle & post style choices are Traditional, Modern or Colonial. The standard handrail choices are Colonial or Modern. The standard stains are Natural, Chai Tea or Cafe au Lait. Choose matte or semi-gloss finish. Nosing will match stain where applicable. You can choose from a modern, colonial or traditional style and a package A stain is included.  There are other types of wood and stains to upgrade to.


Upgrades include hardwood staircases in Maple or Oak.  You may upgrade your main staircase to the second floor or the staircase to the basement.  You can also add a carpet runner to your staircase. Not all upgrades are available with Early Occupancy homes.


There are hundreds of tiles you may choose from.  We have a large selection to view on this website but there are more at the Design Centre in Findlay Creek. It is important to note that there is wall tile and floor tile.  A floor tile CAN be chosen for a wall – like a bathroom tub surround but a wall tile MAY NOT be chosen for a floor installation. In most cases when you put a floor tile on a wall it is an upgrade.

There are several lines of tiles.  These lines are categorized by letters.  The higher the letter, the higher the cost.  For example: A line is included, A+ is higher, B is higher than A+,  C is higher than B and so on.  The most expensive tile after the H line is called RFP (Request for Pricing).  You can request an RFP to find out how much it will cost to install the tile in a certain area.  You will not see a price for RFP cabinets online since the pricing will have to be provided by your DC Consultant.

The boards in the Design Centre show some round labels.  These labels help identify the tiles as there are hundreds of samples and several different suppliers.  Most of the tiles you see on this site will note the label number and colour in the description of the tile.  For example, a tile description may have (Board #43).  This number is the board number. The labels on the tile board are different shapes and colours and indicate the board number with or without a coloured circle.  Red indicates tiles from Ceratec, Yellow from Centura, Blue from Euro, Round white from Olympia and round Green from Casa Roma.  In addition online (only) you will also see numbers that begin with 4000 for each tile.  These numbers are NOT noted on the tiles or the tile boards since they are only a means of a unique identifier in the database that populates this site.


The standard installation of tiles is stacked.  You can do it vertically stacked or horizontally stacked. The other upgraded options are brick and staggered.  There is a cost to do so.


Upgrades include baseboard & door trim upgrades & crown molding.


If you are looking for inspiration, visit our model home photo gallery on our Tartan Homes website: