Tartan Design Centre


Welcome to Tartan Homes’ Design Centre Orientation. This page contains very important information that you should read through so you are as prepared as possible for your upcoming appointments. The purchase of your Tartan Home is one of the biggest purchases you can make, so at Tartan we want to make sure the process of selecting your options is a great one while ensuring this extremely detailed process is complete as it needs to be, especially to meet crucial construction timelines.

One of the very best ways to ensure you are prepared is to thoroughly explore this website and add both standard and upgrade options to your Wish List. If you need help, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. The more prepared you are the better and faster your appointment will go and you can concentrate on the part that most of our purchasers enjoy the most – picking your colours. If you’re the kind of person who finds choosing your colours a little daunting then our Designer Selected packages may just be the thing for you!

While you can certainly better prepare yourself by selecting your tiles or carpet or cabinet colours, you will want to see your selections in person at the Design Centre. For that reason, we encourage you to visit the Design Centre during our open house hours. The open house is also a great opportunity to review your selections prior to your Final Selections Appointment. Open House Hours are Saturdays & Sundays 10am to 5pm.

Initial Appointment

At your Initial Selections appointment, you will meet with your Design Centre New Home Coordinator to first discuss your wish list and all other standard and optional upgrade selections you are interested in and will prepare a preliminary pricing list. Your New Home Coordinator will also advise you of the cut-off dates if you require separate lighting or prewire appointment. Make a Wish List and get familiar with the DC online prior to your initial appointment.

Special Pricing Requests

Tartan does permit some purchasers ONE opportunity to submit for special pricing requests depending on the type of home you purchase and whether you buy an early occupancy home or a new build. Tartan reserves the right to limit the amount, depth and breadth of this request to ensure the timely completion of your home.

Final Selections Appointment

At your Final Selections appointment, you will review and finalize and sign for all the selections you’ve decided on and discussed with your Coordinator at your first appointment. These details will all be recorded and signed (by you and Tartan Homes) on a Change Order (CO).  Since we are all working towards a very specific target – the closing date of your new home –  to ensure the timely ordering of materials to complete your home, it will not be possible to make any further revisions to your home once the Change Orders have been signed at your Final Selections appointment.


Take An Advance Tour of Our Design Centre

Before you visit the Tartan Design Centre in Findlay Creek Village, take a few moments with this 360-degree virtual tour to orient yourself to what you’ll see at the Centre. Simply launch the presentation, click to move through the Design Centre, and click on the dots for information on all displays.

Click below to start the virtual tour!

Thinking About Custom Upgrades? Watch this First!

If you’re considering custom upgrades and/or design changes to your new Tartan home, please watch this video. It explains some key considerations plus the processes and people involved to make significant changes and custom upgrades.

Using our Online Design Centre

Take the time to watch this brief video that shows you how to use our online Design Centre.

Standard Features

The Madawaska kitchen features standard finishes.

Click on the image below for more information.



Standard engineered hardwood floors are 3-1/8" wide Red oak and come in three stains: Cafe au Lait, Chai Tea & Natural.


The Standard paint is a low VOC paint.  The colours are: Classic Gray, Muslin, Collingwood & Stonington Gray.  One colour for entire house is standard.  May upgrade to different paint colours per floor or per room.  All walls feature a matte finish & ceilings a flat finish (in Pittsburgh 8-112).


All homes come standard with a choice of 4 granite counters: Giallo Dark, Moonlight, Bianco Sardo & Black Pearl. Include the following spec: 1.25" thick & no counter backsplash. Undermount sink JE1831D8U included, false drawer front included. Solid countertops are not seamless, seam location to be determined at time of installation.


A stainless over the range microwave hoodfan is included.


Choose from our wide variety of Line A ceramic tiles.  There are also hundreds of other tiles from various upgraded lines to choose from.


There are two types of cabinets:  solid wood and doors made of MDF then painted or covered in PVC.  Depending on the home  you purchased you can choose Line 1 and/or Line 2 PVC or wood cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Wood cabinets in Line 1 or Line 2 come in Oak or Birch.  All other woods are upgrades.  You can upgrade to Line 3 or 4 cabinets in your home but there are some woods that require an RFP (Request for Pricing).


There are four different levels of cabinet hardware.  Line 1 and 2 are included for all homes except townhomes where only Line 1 is standard.  You may choose to upgrade to Line 3 or Line 4.


All homes include smooth ceilings throughout and a kitchen pot light package.


Purchasers get a choice of one selection of post and spindle in Oak. The standard spindle & post style choices are Traditional, Modern or Colonial. The standard handrail choices are Colonial or Modern. The standard stains are Natural, Chai Tea or Cafe au Lait. Choose matte or semi-gloss finish. Nosing will match stain where applicable. You can choose from a modern, colonial or traditional style and a package A stain is included.

The Kawartha ensuite features standard finishes and some upgrades.

Click on the image below for more information.

Standards – Kawartha Ensuite
Tub Deck and Skirt Tub Wall Ensuite Shower Enclosure Ensuite Floor Tile

Tub Deck and Skirt

If your home has a tub in the ensuite a floor tile must be selected. The standard floor tile is category A.

Tub Wall

You can choose a wall tile or floor tile but floor tiles will be considered an upgrade when installed on a wall.  Standard wall tiles are in category A.

Ensuite Shower Enclosure

You can choose a wall tile or floor tile but floor tiles will be considered an upgrade when installed on a wall.  Standard wall tiles are in category A.

Ensuite Floor Tile

Standard floor tiles are in category A.