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This site can assist you with the choices you must make to complete your home. It is designed to help you with this process and should be used in conjunction with your visits to the Design Centre. It can be a great companion to help you make your selections and upgrade choices on your own time.

The purpose is to create your WISH LIST. This list will keep a running total of the choices you make and to keep track of your budget. See below for more information on how to use the site.

Wish List

Use your WISH LIST to store options you are interested in choosing or purchasing. You may add several items to your WISH LIST and you may delete them at any time. Once you add something to your wishlist the blue button will change from ‘Add to Wish List’ to ‘Update Wish List’ on each item you have already added. A blue checkmark will also be added to the corner of the image of each option so that you can see what you have added to your list in each category section. You can only add one selection per option code. For example, if you are unsure which carpet to choose in your master bedroom, select your favourite one and add to your wish list then list the other colour(s) in the notes.

You can also use your WISH LIST to show you how much you are spending on upgrades to help you keep to a budget. Use the notes in each option for anything you may want to specify for each option. For example: you may want to note which room you are choosing a particular option for – for example where you would like a dimmer switch. Depending on the item, you may be able to add more than one of those items. Perhaps 3 dimmer switches – one for your dining room, one for your bedroom and one in your rec room (if applicable).

You should also add your “included selections” for each standard item in your home. For example, you will need to choose the ceramic tile in several rooms. There are ‘selection options’ for each applicable area in your home. You may only choose one type of tile per area at the conclusion of the process but during your selection process you may be unsure. If you choose to upgrade a standard option, find the appropriate option and remove the standard selection option from your wish list for each upgrade once you have finalized your decisions. Please note that while this is recommended, it is not essential. The Design Centre staff will go over the list you prepare during your appointments.

The wish list will order your options by room/area in your home. If there is not a specific area for an option, it will go to the end of the list.

There are areas in your home where you MUST make a selection. You may also choose to upgrade those selections and/or add other options to your home. If you are not already familiar with the choices you MUST make, refer to the Standard Selections page for your home OR on the home page, you may click your name and click the blue button View Your Included Options.

In each applicable category, the items that are included appear at the top of the list of options. There may be several ‘selection’ options for you to use to add to your wish list. For example: there are several selection options for floor tile since there are many areas in your home where a tile must be chosen – the foyer, the powder room, etc. That is why you will see several similar options. These included options will not (in most cases) include any additional cost. If you choose to move to an upgraded tile in your foyer for example, you will see several options that look like the same option. The reason for this is that there are several lines, categorized by price. Each level for each area has a separate option. For example, there could be an option to choose your foyer tile from line A+, B, C, D, E, F, G, H or Request For Pricing (RFP). That makes 8 choices. You can add several options from each category to your wish list. Once you narrow down your choice you can delete some from your wish list.

If you choose to stick to standard tile in your foyer you would not need to add any of the upgrade options to your wish and the reverse is true. If you are only choosing an upgraded tile you would not need to add the included foyer tile option to your wish list.

In the case of plumbing and similar items, the fixtures that come with your home are shown as your inclusions but you do not have to add them to your wish list. They are there only as a reference.

The site is also designed to show you what is included in your home but it is also a good idea to have your floorplan handy for reference.

Below you will find some information for each category listed. You will also find that there may be popup screens when you view some of the option details. These are designed to give you more information about a particular item. These popups are shown as buttons called MORE INFO and PRODUCT LINK which is a link to a product’s website. Not all options have these buttons but when the do they are found under the item’s image.

Here are some helpful worksheets for you to use to help you keep track of which areas/rooms you have completed in addition to the WISH LIST: Interior Finish Worksheets

Inclusion vs. Upgrades

There are filters on many pages so that you can filter the results to see what is included and what are upgrades. Any included items will automatically appear at the top of the list for each category. You can also click on the link on the home page under your name to see all the included options in your home. Click your home’s name under ‘Get started and see what’s included with your (insert your floorplan name)’. There are several included items in some categories since there may be several choices you have to make. For example, you have to choose what kind of flooring you would like in your kitchen, main level, bedrooms, bathrooms and so on. You can choose from the standard/included selections or you may choose to upgrade in some areas.


There are some filters available for you to use. There are some options you can filter to show what options are included or are upgrades. There are some options that you can filter by line (see below for more information on lines). There are some options that you can filter by upgrade type to see if the option is a pre-construction or interior selection upgrade. Some options are not available to you and this depends on whether you bought a brand new build or an early occupancy unit. Some upgrades need to be done at permit pick up time so if you purchased an early occupancy unit that time likely has already passed, therefore those upgrades are not available.

You can also filter by lines to isolate the various upgrades available in a section. For example, the hardwood section has many options. As you may upgrade to several different lines of hardwood and each line has a different price in each area of the home. There can be as many as 8 or more areas in your home where you could put hardwood, therefore there would be up to 64 options showing in that section (8 areas x 8 lines = 64). You can use the filters to isolate one line at a time so you can see where you can upgrade. Your option book already breaks down the lines for you so it is a great companion to use with this site.


For options which are not included, and are upgrades, the option price is listed for your convenience.


There are many categories that have a Line – a group of similar or similarly priced items. For example, there are many, many tiles that you can choose from but not all tiles cost the same. They have therefore been categorized into Lines. Some Lines are included in your home and the others cost extra (upgrades). Each upgrade Line has a different price. Generally the higher number or letter you go, the higher the price.

Here are some of the various lines that we offer:

Cabinets – these are categorized into Lines 1, 2, 3 & 4 plus RFP (Request for Pricing – meaning you have to request custom pricing from your Design Centre Coordinator. ).

Cabinet Hardware – these are categorized into lines 1, 2, 3(A) & 4(B)

Tiles: There are categorized as wall or floor and from A to H plus RFP. “A” being the lowest priced letter, “H” the highest priced letter and RFP.

Flooring: Carpet – the carpet Lines are categorized into colours – Included carpet, then Yellow, Green and Blue in that pricing order from lowest to highest.

Flooring: Hardwood – the hardwood Lines are categorized from A to H plus RFP. The letters are A (the lowest), B, C, D, E, F, G & H plus RFP.


The search feature will search by any keyword in the wording of the option. If you can’t find a particular upgrade use the search bar.

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